** Photo credit: GreenFirst Forest Products, Wahkohtowin Development GP Inc., Fred Larocque

Missinaibi Forest Management Inc. holds a Sustainable Forest Licence (SFL) issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for Crown Lands in Ontario

Missinaibi Forest Management Inc.

Missinaibi Forest Management Inc. (MFMI) holds the sustainable forest license for the Missinaibi Forest, which includes the lake and river bearing the same name within its borders. In Ojibwa, Missinaibi comes from the word muzzinaw meaning “painted image”. In Cree, Missinaibi means “pictured waters”. The company is based out of Chapleau, Ontario.

MFMI’s collaborative and innovative approach to sustainable forestry supports the needs of local mills, builds partnerships with indigenous peoples, promotes the economic diversity of local communities and provides for the livelihood for future generations.

The Missinaibi Forest contains 81% of the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve area (the largest Crown game preserve in the world)

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